How to prepare for and get the MOST from YOUR psychic reading

     Make some time to sit down and think about the serious questions, issues, and problems that you have in your life for which you would like to get counsel, advice, and insight. Write down some pertinent questions about these areas and issues; a reading which has a specific focus will be more satisfactory than a "general" reading which has no real focus.

     Prioritize your list of questions so that the most important issues are the ones that we will discuss first and spend the most time on.

     Don't waste time by asking questions that you already know the answers to, such as, "I've written a book; tell me how I can get it published." For that you don't need a psychic, you need to go through the ordinary process of sending out queries to appropriate agents until you land one. An appropriate question would be, "I've written a book and signed with an agent; do you see this agent as being a good fit for me?"

      Have a paper and pen to write down what you're told in your reading so that you can refer back to it, particularly the predictions and the time frame they relate to. I can't tell you how many times clients have called me back—sometimes months later, sometimes years later—and told me that my predictions for them had come true, even though when I had made those predictions they thought at the time that I was way off the mark!

     If you don't understand something I say, ask for clarification. Misunderstandings are easy to come by and surprisingly common in readings. And sometimes they can reach comic proportions: I once told a woman that I saw a lot of disharmony in her home. "Oh no!" she declared before I could finish speaking, "No disharmony in my home! I keep a neat house! The beds are always made, dishes washed, etc., but boy has my husband been a bear lately!" She could only relate the definition of the word "disharmony" to clutter around the house, and not to the emotional state of things that I had correctly intuited.

     Follow through with the advice and counsel you receive during your reading with me. It will do you no good to agree that I'm 100% right if you don't make the changes necessary to assure that your circumstances will improve for the better. No psychic can wave a magic wand and make all your problems disappear and all your dreams come true. At least 80% of your life is the product of your choices, the product of your free will. Don't expect a psychic to do your life's work for you. I can teach you; I can guide you; I can make accurate predictions for you, but it's up to you to apply the tools. Remember: "If it's to be, it's up to me!"

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