Media Testimonials:

History Channel TV Pilot

      I was filmed under the direction of multiple Emmy Award winning producer Jim Mullen for a TV pilot for The History Channel where I psychically investigated mysteries of the past, specifically the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.

      My Producer, Jim Mullen, said:

      "As a TV Producer, you have to be open minded about the unorthodox, while still retaining a healthy cynicism. After all, the last thing you want to do is pull one over on the viewer.

      "When I produced John's pilot for the History Channel, I walked into the scenario weighted toward the cynical side. But John, in his humble and understated way, blew away all expectations.

      "His insights into historical and current events (of which he had ABSOLUTELY NO knowledge of before being thrust into the situation) were nothing short of astounding. When you leave the country's foremost Lincoln scholars wanting for more, you know there's something big going on."

Jim Mullen, Producer, Director, Writer, Editor

Jim Mullen

Psychic John Russell as interviewed by JV Johnson of Beyond Reality

     "Few people encapsulate paranormal ideas and theories in a way that makes them relatable, and fewer still do it from such a profound position of experience and vision. My good friend and frequent Beyond Reality guest John Russell is a master of both." — JV Johnson, Host / Beyond Reality with JV Johnson


Psychic John Russell was heard on The River 101.1 FM, Saint Louis, hosted by Vic and Trish

"John never ceases to amaze us!"

      "Every single phone line lights up when he is on our show. Listeners e-mail us for weeks after he's on to find out more about him.

      "In our combined 30 year radio history we have never had a more impressive psychic guest!! A must have for any show!!"

Vic and Trish, The Morning Show

101.1 the River, WVRV-FM, St. Louis, MO

I appeared on the air monthly with Vic and Trish, half an hour to 1 hour each appearance,
for 1½ years

John Russell was the Official Psychic for Radio Station Wild 104 FM's Morning Show with Jeff Steele

"Normally radio stations will have psychics on their shows for goofy fun...

luckily, we have John Russell."

      "Our listeners immediately became comfortable with John, not only because of the accuracy of his readings but for his reassuring advice. His credentials and confidence in his abilities are unmatched, and the response to his appearances on our morning show are overwhelming.

      "If you're looking for a psychic, I highly recommend him. And if you're looking for a psychic on your morning show, I highly recommend him for that, long as you're nowhere near Binghamton, NY, of course!"

Jeff Steele, The Morning Show

Wild 104, WWYL-FM, Binghamton, NY

I appeared on the air monthly with Jeff Steele—as the Morning Show's Official Psychic—half an hour each appearance,
for 2½ years

Hear Psychic John Russell on Hot Mix 101.9 hosted by Jay and Brock

      "My first encounter with John was several years ago when I was hosting a morning show in upstate NY. We were looking for a psychic for a monthly morning feature, but it turned into more than that.

      "Our listeners immediately became comfortable with him and I was amazed at the accuracy of some of his short readings.

      "John even came to our station a few times and once helped us raise money for a young man with leukemia.

      "I'm now at another radio station halfway across the country, but John is still a part of my show; I wouldn't have it any other way.

      "I don't know much about psychics and I probably have a somewhat skeptical attitude toward most of them, but John has a gift. If you want some insight into your future, along with a little help on how to deal with it, ask John. And as I tell my listeners, if you don't want to know, don't ask!"

Jay Steele, The Morning Show

Hot Mix 101.9, KMXF-FM, Fayetteville, AR

I appeared on the air monthly with Jay Steele and Brock, half an hour to 1 hour each appearance,
for over a year

Psychic John Russell was heard on KVLY FM, McAllen, TX, weekly/monthly for 1-1/2 years with Stacey, Alex and Mike

"John Russell is the best thing to happen to the KVLY morning show."

      "His precise, insightful readings have been a huge hit among our listeners.

      "We began with the idea that during the month of October [2004] it might be pretty cool to have a 'psychic' on the air with us to get people in the spirit of Halloween, and as it turns out, our phones lines never stopped ringing.

      "John just has this amazing connection with people and with what they deal with in their lives. He is kind, and above all honest. I think at the end of the day those who receive a reading with John feel better about a situation, good or bad. John has a way of telling you like it is, and then offering amazing, life-changing advice that can help you get through anything.

      "We love having him on and look forward to continuing with him. I recommend John Russell to anyone for personal readings or any radio station. I promise, when it comes to drawing listeners, John is on the mark. He will not disappoint."

Stacey Taylor, The Morning Show

Mix 107.9, KVLY-FM, McAllen, TX

I appeared on the air weekly with Stacey, Alex, and Mike, half an hour to 1 hour each appearance,
for 1½ years

Hear Psychic John Russell on Mix 107.9 hosted by Alex and Meridee.

"John has become a 'tune in factor' for KVLY-FM."

"Listeners start calling in 15 minutes before his 1 hour segment airs."

"The most amazing thing about John is his accuracy. Our listeners have had many things come true."

Alex Duran, Program Director

Mix 107.9, KVLY-FM, McAllen-Brownsville, Texas

I appeared on the air weekly with Alex Duran and Meridee, 1 hour each appearance,
for 1½ years

Psychic John Russell was heard on INSIGHT, hosted by Ryan Lindsey, for 3 years!

      "John Russell has a way of relating and talking to just about everyone on a personal level, it's truly amazing to listen to him speak. I don't know anyone who is easier to talk to than John Russell. John speaks professionally and honestly and makes everyone feel at ease.

      "I have had the honor of being able to listen to John speak with dozens of people on my radio show. Every time that John Russell has been on the show, listeners call to inquire about how to get a personal and private reading or to tell me that I MUST ask him to be on the show again.

      "When it comes to psychics or matters that are mystical, spiritual, or paranormal, there are many 'snake oil' salesmen out there. John Russell is NOT one of them. John is someone that I've confided in on several occasions regarding situations both professional and personal in nature. I recommend John Russell to anyone seeking guidance in their lives.

      "I am proud and honored to call John Russell a friend. I'd love to keep John Russell as my own little secret...but his ability to help others is too great. John has a unique ability to lead others in a direction which can be fulfilling and rewarding."

Ryan Lindsey, Host of "Insight"

WDLB-AM, Marshfield, Wisconsin
WFHR-AM, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

I appeared on the air monthly with Ryan, 2 hours each appearance,
for 3 years

Hear Psychic John Russell on Magic 105 hosted by Roger, Nathan, and Sharp

      "The New Magic 105 Morning Show has been on the air four months now.

     "When we first started I knew that one recurring guest we would need would be a psychic. Clear Channel is the largest communications company in the world so surely someone could help me find one.

     "I was put in contact with John Russell and we couldn't be happier.

     "Our callboard is full when John is with us. John knows his stuff and he is a good guy too."

Roger Scott, Magic 105 Morning Show Co-Host

Magic 105, KMJX-FM, Little Rock, AR

      "When one of my co-hosts approached me with the idea of having a psychic on our show I stopped in my tracks thinking, 'My God, what have I done? How have I pinned all of my hopes and dreams to the wagon of this idiot?'

     "Turns out I was wrong, not about my co-host but about John Russell the Psychic.

     "It is without question our best monthly segment. Wish we could have him on DAILY! You should see the phones light up...non-stop."

Nathan Christian, Magic 105 Morning Show Co-Host

Magic 105, KMJX-FM, Little Rock, AR

I appeared on the air monthly with Roger, Nathan, and Sharpe, 1 hour each appearance,
for 8 months.

Hear John Russell the first Tuesday of each month on The Point, 94.1 FM in Little Rock, Arkansas, hosted by Sharpe Dunaway and Mike Kennedy. Tune in at 7 A.M. Central time for the Morning Show and enjoy a full hour of readings.

      "The only thing I don't like about having John Russell on our morning show is that we can't have him on every day! He is so good on the radio and his readings always hit close to home with our listeners."

Sharpe Dunaway, Co-Host

The Point 94.1, KKPT-FM, Little Rock, AR

I appeared on the air monthly with Sharpe Dunaway and Mike Kennedy, 1 hour each appearance,
for several months.

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