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As of 2021 I have appeared on radio for 15 years total, and I appeared
on several different stations both weekly and monthly
for 9 consecutive years!

15 years on the radio — Over 40 different stations/podcasts

      My one-time radio appearances as a Featured Guest were usually for one hour.

      Radio appearances where I was an ongoing Featured Guest were typically for an hour's duration, live, during which I gave short, free readings of about 30 seconds to 2 minutes on the air, as well as answered questions about the paranormal and spiritual matters, performed dream interpretations, etc.

      At two different points in time I was a regular Featured Guest on 4 different radio stations each month, with monthly appearances lasting several consecutive years on each station.

      On nearly every single station on which I've appeared I have jammed the phone lines each and every appearance, with the listener phone calls beginning before I'm even on air and lasting for several hours afterwards.

      On the air at one station I regularly blew up their phone lines so badly that not only could listeners not reach the station, station employees couldn't call out for a period of time!

      At one radio station several listeners that had some of the DJ's personal cell phone numbers would begin calling those numbers in an attempt to talk to me.

      Following is a listing of my media appearances to date.

John has returned to the airwaves in 2020!

Recent and upcoming guest appearances in 2021 are listed toward the bottom of this page.

KKFM, Colorado Springs, CO, Featured Guest, January 8, 1998

SIGHTINGS On the Radio, with Jeff Rense, Featured Guest, February 5, 1998

Alien Encounter 98, In Person, Roswell, NM, July 2-5, 1998

THE NEXT DIMENSION, with Patte Purcell, April 22, 2000 -- When I was a Featured Guest on Patte's radio show in April, 2000, I went against the tide of just about every other psychic on the planet (including the rich and famous "big name" psychics) who were all predicting Gore would be our next president; on the air I correctly predicted George Bush as the next President! I correctly predicted Bush's election and re-election. I have correctly predicted every single presidential election since Kennedy, and the reprecussions from these 100% accurate predictions are sometimes strange: people with a political viewpoint that differs from the winning candidate's often act as if my accurate prediction is to blame for putting their opponent in the White House!! (And yes, I correctly predicted President Obama, and his re-election, as well.)

2 articles in FATE Magazine's "True Mystic Experiences."

1 article in FATE Magazine's "UFO Forum."

Documentary film interview with Chase Carter, Cut to the Chase Productions, Los Angeles, CA, June, 2000

FM96, Toronto, Canada, Featured Guest, October, 2001

"Insight," with Ryan Lindsey, on WDLB 1450 AM, Marshfield, WI, and WFHR 1320 AM, Wisconsin Rapids, WI, Monthly 2003-2006

"Wild 104," with Jeff Steele, The Morning Show's Official Psychic on WWYL 104 FM, Binghamton, NY, Monthly 2003-2006

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, January 1, 2004, Interview / Predictions for 2004

Spiediefest, Guest Appearance, Binghamton, NY. Sponsored by WWYL 104 FM, August 7, 2004

"The River," with Vic and Trish, WVRV 101.1 FM in Saint Louis, MO, Monthly 2004-2006

"The Mix," with Alex, Mike, and Stacey, KVLY 107.9 FM in McAllen, TX, Weekly 2004-2006

"Electric 94.9," with Izzy, Jinger, and Jay, WAEZ 94.9 FM in Johnson City, TN, October 22, 2004

"Hot Mix 101.9," with Jay and Brock, KMXF 101.9 FM in Fayetteville and Fort Smith, AR, Monthly 2006-2007

"Magic 105," with Roger, Nathan, and Sharpe, The Morning Show's Official Psychic on KMJX 105.1 FM in Little Rock, AR, Monthly 2007-2008

"The New Adventures of an Old Morning Show," with Roger and Nathan, The Morning Show's Official Psychic on KWBF 101.1 FM in Little Rock, AR, Monthly 2008

The Ryan Lindsay Radio Show, with Ryan Lindsay, Worldwide on the Internet, Monthly 2008-2009

"The Big 550," with John Brown and Trish Gazall, KTRS 550 AM, St. Louis, MO. March 6, 2009

The Tarot by Misha Internet radio show, Featured Guest, 2009

"The Mix," with Alex and Meridee, KVLY 107.9 FM in McAllen, TX, Weekly 2008-2009

"The Buzz 103.7," with Roger Scott, KABZ 103.7 FM in Little Rock, AR, July 1, 2010

"Hot Mix 101.9," with Jay and Brock, KMXF 101.9 FM in Fayetteville, AR, Monthly 2007-2011

"The Point 94.1," with Sharpe and Mike, KKPT 94.1 FM in Little Rock, AR, Monthly 2011

John returns to the airwaves!

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Hear John's recorded radio/podcast appearances! Click the links below to hear past episodes!

Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, September 28, 2020  (My interview is available in the archives to Coast Insider members)

The Ryan Lindsay Show with Ryan Lindsay, monthly beginning Sep. 30, 2020

Leak Project Network with Rex Bear, October 24, 2020  (Watch now on YouTube!)

Divine Healing By Davina with Davina Zarnighian, October 26, 2020

Jay Steele Hot 101.9, KMXF FM, October 28, 2020

The Ryan Lindsay Show with Ryan Lindsay, October 28, 2020

Beyond Reality with JV Johnson, November 2, 2020  (Watch now on YouTube!)

FATE Magazine Radio with Kat Hobson, November 22, 2020

The Ryan Lindsay Show with Ryan Lindsay, November 25, 2020

The Midnight Society Radio Show with Tim Weisberg, December 28, 2020

The Ryan Lindsay Show with Ryan Lindsay, December 30, 2020

John's 2021 radio and podcast appearances

The Minddog TV Podcast with Matt Nappo

     "John is a gifted and knowledgeable man. I have him as a repeat guest on my show because he is honest and open-minded and shares some compelling stories.
     "He sent me a letter describing a health issue I was dealing with that he could not have had any knowledge of. After following his advice, the health issue went away quickly. That's not scientific proof of anything but certainly makes one consider that the possibility.
     "I highly recommend his books and suggest anyone interested in psychic phenomena check out his books, website and services." — Matt Nappo, MinddogTV (2021)

The Minddog TV Podcast with Matt Nappo, January 23, 2021  (Watch now on YouTube!)

The Ryan Lindsay Show with Ryan Lindsay, January 27, 2021

Premier Chess Podcast with National Master Evan Rabin, January 28, 2021

Everything Imaginable with Gary Cocciolillo, February 2, 2021

Beyond Reality with JV Johnson, February 10, 2021  (Watch now on YouTube!)

Leak Project Network with Rex Bear, February 22, 2021  (Watch now on YouTube!)

Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, February 22, 2021  (My interviews are available in the archives to Coast Insider members)

The Unexplained with Howard Hughes, March 1, 2021 (Podcast originating in the UK)  A must-listen episode: the host experiences

     paranormal phenomena while we're on the air!

Jay Steele Hot 101.9, KMXF FM, March 8, 2021

The Glenn Lary Show with Glenn Lary, March 9, 2021

Strange Uncles Podcast with Shane, John, Josh, March 16, 2021

Mysteries and Monsters with Paul Bestall, March 17, 2021 (Podcast originating in the UK)

The Minddog TV Podcast with Matt Nappo, March 25, 2021  (Watch now on YouTube!)  A must-watch episode: the host credits my

     psychic message with saving his health and possibly saving his life!

Typical Skeptic with Robert Kalil, April 11, 2021

Paranormal Experienced with Kat Hobson, April 14, 2021

In Search of Reality with Dylan Thomas, April 22, 2021

Leak Project Network with Rex Bear, April 27, 2021

Shea's Paranormal Chat with Shea Carroll & Kelly McCarville, May 14, 2021

That's Some Crazy Shit Podcast with Kelly and James, May 29, 2021

Chasing Prophecy Paranormal radio and podcast with Jennie, Jason, and Shawn, June 3, 2021

Paranormal Soup with Jason Bland, June 20, 2021

Check out my YouTube Channel!

Check out my YouTube Channel

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