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How to get the MOST from YOUR psychic reading....

     The following five paragraphs are probably the most important pieces of information you will read on my website!!!

     Please, take your reading seriously! I don't do this to provide entertainment, and I'm very serious about what I do.

     I can't tell you the number of times that clients have called me a month, six months, or even a year or more after their reading and they have basically told me this: "I called you on a lark, just for fun. I didn't really believe that psychics could have accurate insights into a person's life, much less predict their future! And even if I did have a little belief in psychics I thought that some of the things you told me were ridiculous and implausible! I thought you were way off base on most of the things you told me about myself, about the people around me, and about my future, but I put pen to paper and wrote everything down like you suggested. I found that paper the other day, and as I studied it I was shocked to realize that nearly everything you told me was accurate, including the predictions you made for me!"

     I do what I do to make a positive difference in your life. That includes telling you the truth, even when you don't want to believe it, or when you may think it's totally unfounded or off base, and especially when it isn't what you're hoping to hear.

     I don't do what I do to impress you. I don't do it so that later on down the road I can say, "See, I told you so!" I don't do it to entertain you. I don't do it for the benefit of my own ego. I provide my psychic readings for you for one purpose only: so that you may enjoy a better life, and a better future. And you will be able to enjoy that better life, if you're willing to take to heart what I tell you, and then, most importantly, to apply it.

     Now, what follows will enable you to get the most out of your psychic reading with me, or any other psychic you've chosen:

1.      Be on time for your phone appointment! Likewise, if for some reason you can't keep your scheduled appointment, please call and let me know by leaving a message on my voicemail if you can't speak to me directly; try to give me a minimum of 24 hours notice. I'll be happy to call you and reschedule your appointment. I am a professional who expects this common courtesy.

2.      It's okay to have high, but not unrealistic, expectations of your psychic and your psychic reading. I'm not God...I don't know psychic on the planet is 100% accurate! I stay in business for the simple reason that I'm honest, I won't tell you what you want to hear, and I'm right far more often than I'm wrong.

3.      Spend some time before your reading asking yourself which areas and issues in your life are most important to you, and write down some pertinent questions about these areas and issues; a reading which has a specific focus will usually be more satisfactory than a "general" reading which has no real focus.

4.      Be polite; use common courtesy. You'd be surprised how many people don't: some people are just rude; some people don't like what they're hearing, and want you to please them and entertain them instead of giving them an honest reading. That I will not do.

5.      Don't waste your time and money by calling around until you find a psychic who only tells you what you want to hear! There's a saying which goes: "A real friend is someone who will tell you the truth!"

6.      Have a paper and pen to write down what you're told in your reading so that you can refer back to it, particularly the predictions and the time frame they relate to. I can't tell you how many times clients have called me back, sometimes months later, sometimes years later, and told me that my predictions for them had come true, even though when I had made those predictions they thought at the time that I was way off the mark!

7.      If you don't understand something the psychic says, ask for clarification. Misunderstandings are easy and common in readings -- And sometimes reach comic proportions: I once told a woman that I saw a lot of disharmony in her home. "Oh no!" she assured me before I could finish speaking, "No disharmony in my home: I keep a neat house! The beds are always made, dishes washed, etc., but boy! Has my husband been a bear lately!" She could only relate the definition of the word "disharmony" to clutter around the house, and not to the emotional state of things. True story!.

8.      No psychic on this planet can truthfully assure you that they are 100% accurate all of the time! I've had clients for whom I have achieved an accuracy rating of 100% -- for a brief time -- then, inevitably, my accuracy rating will fall back down into the more reasonable 85%-90%+ range.

9.      Likewise, remember that no reputable psychic will "guarantee" their reading. What is there for them to guarantee? They can't guarantee 100% accuracy. They can't guarantee that their predictions will come true. They can't guarantee that you'll be satisfied with what you tell them. It's impossible to "guarantee" a reading!

10.      No psychic can wave a magic wand and make all your problems disappear and all your dreams come true! 80% of your life is the product of your choices, the product of your free will! Don't expect a psychic to do your life's work for you! We can teach you; we can guide you; but it's up to you to apply the tools. Remember: "If it's to be, it's up to me!"

11.      If any psychic tells you they see "evil" or negativity or curses around you, and then guarantees to remove it for several hundred (or several thousand) dollars, RUN! That person is a liar, a cheat, and a fraud!!

12.      Likewise flee any so-called psychic who guarantees to make a desired outcome happen for you: reunite you with your ex, guarantee you a certain job, ensure that you'll sell your house for a certain some of money; again, this will be followed by demands from the shady psychic for outrageous sums of money!! (And you will not receive your desired outcome to boot!)

13.      Don't patronize 900-number psychic lines, etc! Do you know that most of those "psychic" services will accept virtually anyone who calls them (or walks in off the street) who wants to "be" a "psychic??!!" And many of those services actually hand out scripts to their want-to-be "psychics" which have the important areas in life with which we're all concerned (money, health, career, love life, etc.) "covered" with a ready-made dialogue for the "psychic" to read and embellish to their callers! They're also instructed to keep their callers on the phone for as long as possible (in order to make the company for which they work lots more money!) and they're penalized if they don't!
      Most of those so-called "psychic" services will accept anyone with a glib tongue and a gift for gab as one of their psychics, if you can even halfway "bluff" your way through a "cold reading:" "I'm seeing problems or difficulties around you right now, things you're having difficulty solving or getting a handle on..." (Well, no BS, Sherlock! You've just accurately described the condition of the whole human race!)
      If you're wanting reliable, informed advice and insights into your life's situations, AND accurate predictions for your future, you won't get it through these folks! All these people are doing is "playing" psychic!!

14.      Likewise if your psychic's training has consisted of reading several books on how to be a psychic, Tarot reader, etc., and their "reading" consists of applying the book meanings to your particular situation, search for another psychic, one with years of real, practical experience and training, and one who won't try and apply the book meanings to every reading they provide for you! (This is the reason why your initial reading with a new psychic may seem to be so accurate, and subsequent readings fail completely: the paradigms in your life's situations may have actually coincided with the book meanings the psychic provided you in that initial reading! Future readings utilizing the same book meanings and interpretations failed because your life's situations had changed!)

15.      You've seen the ads: "Results guaranteed! Never fails! Reunites lovers! Results in 24 hours! Will get you anything you desire...guaranteed!" Yeah, uh-huh, right. Okay, go to one of these psychic whizzes and ask them for the winning lottery numbers for the next drawing in your state. If you win the next drawing's jackpot, then please call me and I'll become their next client! (And while you're at it, ask these whizzes if they're so all powerful that they can "guarantee" you a desired result if you pay them hundreds or thousands of dollars or more, that if they really have all that much psychic power why would they sell you a guaranteed miracle so cheaply???? If I could do that, my starting price would be at least a million!! Think about it...)

16.      Don't hop from psychic to psychic. That only leads to confusion and uncertainty, because you're going to find yourself inundated with different opinions. Find one psychic with whom you feel a definite rapport and whose readings are accurate for you, then stick with that psychic!

17.      Tell yourself that you will follow through with the positive advice and counsel the psychic gives you.

18.      If you have established a good working relationship with a particular psychic, and that psychic has proven accurate for you, then take that psychic's predictions seriously! Write them down, refer to them; ask the psychic to provide you with positive options and useful advice on how to best deal with the situations they foresee for your future.

19.      If you're checking out a psychic you've found on the web, take the time to read his or her web page thoroughly. Chances are it'll answer most of your questions and give you valuable information and references which you may check!

20.      Every legitimate psychic should respect their client's confidences, but if a particular psychic has no references for you to check, no testimonials from satisfied clients, and no credentials to verify their expertise and experience, look elsewhere!

21.      If your psychic's percentage of accuracy isn't at least 80%, think of changing psychics!

22.      A professional psychic makes his or her living from providing readings to their clientele; just as you wouldn't ask your doctor for a free office visit, please don't ask a psychic who makes his living as a professional for a free or "test" reading.

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