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John Russell, Artist and Photographer

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New Work, January 2019

The Descent Into Madness

"The Descent Into Madness"

Also Available

A Love Unlike Any Other

"A Love Unlike Any Other"
                       Underwater Dance of the Bat-Winged Mermaid

"Underwater Dance of the
Bat-Winged Mermaid"
                       A Rose's Last Lament

"A Rose's Last Lament"

New York Institute of Photography interview

John Russell, artist and photographer, student success story interview/profile at the New York Institute of Photography

"John brings his painter's eye to his photography. His work shows an amazing skill in photographing a diversity of subjects,
interpreting them both realistically and abstractly." Elinor Stecker-Orel, Associate Dean, New York Institute of Photography, New York, NY

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