Some comments about my Paintings

"Good, strong, original work."
Mr. Ivan Karp, O.K. Harris Works of Art, New York City

      I got my first taste of the Manhattan galleries in 1992.

      Mr. Karp happened to be in when I called on the gallery; he was personable and friendly and looked at my portfolio right then and there.

      While he did not represent me he did say that he had an Abstract Expressionist in his stable at the time and an implication was given that if he did not currently have such an artist already that he might give me serious consideration.

      He also told me that I needed to move to Manhattan and find a patron and continue my work there, that my work was good enough for NYC and that in time I would definitely find representation in several galleries.

      His comments made my day and lifted me up as an artist. Anytime I've felt myself struggling creatively I have fallen back on his words and used them to strengthen me in my pursuit of artistic growth and success.

In Memoriam, Ivan Karp.

     "This work has to be viewed in person to fully appreciate it. The colors are retina knock-outs! Powerful work." Carol Poppenga

      "Your work is very lively, lyrical, and makes me feel like I'm in a jazz club in New Orleans." Faye Earnest, Faye Earnest Studio

     "Super show by super artist! Never really appreciated this type of art until I saw your work."  Mr. Bill Nunn, San Angelo, TX

     "Some truly fantastic abstractions----bright, colorful, uplifting."  Mr. Robert W. Galitz, IL

     "The painting gets better each passing day. Thanks a bunch."  Dr. Jay K. Amburgey, Professor of Mathematics, Angelo State University, San Angelo, TX

     "Your art is deep and passionate. You are able to translate your vision onto canvas in such a way that the experience comes alive. It is viewed with one's eyes but felt by one's heart!"  Marjorie Brinberg, NY/Florida

Some comments about my Photographs

"John brings his painter's eye to his photography. His work shows an amazing skill in photographing a diversity of subjects, interpreting them both realistically and abstractly."
Elinor Stecker-Orel, Associate Dean, New York Institute of Photography, New York

      I had a hell of a time with the camera; not only could I not take a decent photograph, but I knew that there was Art locked away somewhere inside of there and for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to get it out.

      In frustration I decided to take a course through the New York Institute of Photography, and the instructor (now Associate Dean) assigned to me was none other than Elinor Stecker-Orel, a working professional with an intimidating list of credentials including a stint as Senior Editor at Popular Photography Magazine and a long list of accomplishments.

      Elinor was insightful, patient, and creative in her approach to helping me to understand photography. If not for her I wouldn't have enjoyed any of the photographic success that I have, and to her I am eternally grateful. In addition to being a top-notch instructor she and her wonderful husband, Mano, also became my friends, a relationship that I cherish to this day. Thank you, Elinor!