Friday July 18, 2003.

      In the midst of a very frustrating and difficult time, a year and a half ago, I accidentally stumbled over John's web site and I decided to give it [a reading] a try. I was at the time a struggling IT entrepreneur and was in the midst of a crisis: losing my firm. From my first encounter with John, I was stunned by his ability to actually place himself in the midst of my ordeal - as if he had been involved from day one! I received from him the brutal facts and what the final outcome of the situation would be down to details I was too blind to realize. At the time this was not what I wanted to hear and this honest and direct portrait of my situation shocked me. In hindsight it turned out to be a real blessing: I was en route to �no-where� and John helped me to come through the crisis with my dignity intact and the ability to pursue new opportunities.

      John's incredible gift gives you an insight to prepare for what really lies ahead - may it be good or bad events coming your way - and very, very much to my numerous surprises, it turns out almost 100% accurate - every time! It is stunning and sometimes almost chilling to see how the roadmap unfolds itself - just as he predicts! I have since my first session with John on numerous accounts found myself completely blown away by his accurate input and I no longer try to figure out how this can be - I now accept that this is a god-sent source for those who are willing to seek answers! Thanks to John, I came through my ordeal wiser and less bruised as opposed to being taken by surprise. I have since then set sails for a completely new direction in my professional life and I have kept in regular touch with John and consulted with him in order to update my �charts.� I have not only found the best �pilot� to help me steer away from reefs and shark infested waters, but I�ve also found the most caring and wonderful friend you could think of! Armored with John's guidance, life's many challenges can better be dealt with for those who are fortunate enough to navigate as per his input. I am blessed to have the opportunity to tap into this incredible ability of his, which I hereby testify is genuine and caring. However, this is a source for those who are preparing for real life - not for someone seeking a sunshine cushion....


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