In a moment, you will enter the domain of the surreal....whatever thoughts you've held beforehand about the magickal mysteries of the universe are about to be shattered.
You will be given a free choice to click on either candle below, which will take you to another dimension of time and space....once there, you will see a group of regular playing cards, something you believe will be comforting because they're rather ordinary items with which you think you're familiar....but you're not!
You will be asked to mentally and silently select any one of the cards before you. Concentrate on that card....look at it, and only at it, and concentrate hard! When you've both concentrated and memorized it so that you will not forget it, then click on the spider....which will take you to the next simple step, and reveal mysteries to you the likes of which you've only dreamed!
Now, make your choice below, and enter if you dare!