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      Wow! What can I tell you in this month's column except to say that the one thing we all crave and desire and hope for and pray for the most fervently and earnestly has happened to me: I have fallen in love, fortunately with someone who has also fallen in love with me!

      Her name is Marjorie, and she embodies every quality I've every hoped and dreamed I'd find in a woman with whom I could share my life.

      She's kind, loving, sexy, romantic, honest, faithful, compassionate, generous, giving, and able to receive my love and affection and attention for her in return. There are many people who can't receive as well as give. (Oh, and did I mention she's very pretty, and has the most amazing eyes?)

      We've actually known each other for over a year, 14 months to be exact, and during that time I've come to know and love her as a wonderful human being and a friend, as well as a romantic partner and a lover, and now, my soon to be life partner, for we are engaged to be married!

      She and I have both had many hard knocks in life, including disastrous and failed relationships, and two bad marriages apiece. It seems as though time has stood still though, and that God has smiled upon us with great favor in allowing us to find and have and love each other, and all those hurts and aches and bitter disappointments from our pasts don't seem to be quite as large now in the retrospect of our love for each other.

      Well, pray for us. Bless us, and wish us the best. We are entering a new union of life together, with all its trials and difficulties and ups and downs, which will be more easily handled and dealt with because of our love for each other.

      And don't give up on searching for love for yourself! I'm here to tell you, it can, and does happen. Wishes and dreams and hopes and prayers do come true and are just may take some perseverance and stamina beyond what you believe you're capable of.

      So, God bless all who read this month's happy column, and I hope you find someone who enriches your heart and mind and life and soul the way Marjorie does mine.

      Have a Happy Hanukkah, a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and a great Life!

      And who knows....that Special Someone may be just around the next corner....

     HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Frogspit!

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