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John's Predictions

I make very few public predictions.
When I do I consider it to be a matter of importance.
I do not make frivolous predictions such as sports predictions, predictions about celebrities' lives, etc.

     When I was in my late teens or early twenties (this would have been around 1974) I predicted that we would someday suffer a major attack by foreign enemies, and that that attack would occur on the soil of the continental United States of America. Everyone I told this prediction to at the time laughed me to scorn. On February 26, 1993 The World Trade Center in New York City suffered its first attack, and the subsequent devastating attack occurred on September 11, 2001.

      Years before "Y2K" occurred I predicted that it would be a non-occurrence. Again there were people of every stripe jumping on the gloom and doom bandwagon predicting everything from planes falling from the sky to nuclear annihilation because of computer glitches and malfunctions. Remember? We weren't supposed to be able to buy gas because gas pumps are now computer controlled. Planes' computers would scramble and quit, or give the planes wrong information and they would simply quit functioning and fall from the sky. Banks wouldn't be able to accept deposits or pay out money. All computers worldwide would fail or be plagued with glitches. And, it could be the end of the world: when our computers glitched and their computers glitched the computers would all together launch nuclear missiles and the world would be destroyed!
     People believed all of this and were TERRIFIED! I remember standing in line at the grocery store as New Year's Day approached and when I reached the checker she had been talking to the customers about "Y2K," and she looked up at me wide-eyed, almost ashen-faced, and her hands were trembling slightly as she scanned my groceries, and she asked me, "Do you think the Russian missiles are going to launch and kill us all?"
     One of my very best friends on the planet asked me for my psychic input as to the event, and when I assured him that everything was going to be okay, he asked me if I was sure: He had intelligent, highly-educated friends who were not flakes who were buying survival supplies and basically heading for the hills or the woods! Should he follow suit, or otherwise prepare? No, I assured him...there won't even be a blip on the radar screen. And there wasn't.
     So stop worrying about 2012 and the so-called Mayan Prophecy. We'll still be around afterwards, being our usual greedy, arrogant, stupid selves.

      During my lifetime there have been several so-called planetary alignments, including one, in 1983, that was called the "Grand Alignment." Preceeding these "alignments" there have been, on the one hand, dire warnings of catastrophe, doom, death, destruction, and every other imaginable ill attributable to such a supposedly malignant cosmic event, and on the other hand there have been promises of a new era or age of peace, prosperity, healing, enlightenment, and plenty. It's mostly phony and/or misguided psychics who make such ridiculous proclamations, but the errant minister and scientist have been known to jump on the bandwagon as well. Way before every such so-called event I have predicted that nothing would occur, and nothing has...we are all still here, and going about our ways as before these supposed events occurred. Why do I call these events "so-called" and "supposed?" Because no such true alignment actually occurs. You may research this on the Internet for yourself and realize this truth.

2012 Presidential Predictions Update!

     I have correctly predicted every single presidential election correctly since John F. Kennedy.
     When I was a young boy around the age of 6 or 7 (when I began to psychically know things and sometimes get in trouble for revealing what I shouldn't have) my mother asked me out of the blue one day who the next president would be, and I told her Kennedy, and I was correct. She began to ask me each and every election, and I was always right.
     Jump many years ahead...
     When I was a Featured Guest on Patte Purcell's radio show, The Next Dimension, on April 22, 2000, I went against the tide of just about every other psychic on the planet (including the rich and famous "big name" psychics) who were all predicting that Gore would be our next president; on the air I correctly predicted George Bush as the next President! I correctly predicted both Bush's election and re-election. These predictions I have made many times over the years on radio shows and interviews, to my clients, to my friends and family, etc.
     One famous psychic excused their incorrect prediction about Gore becoming our next president by saying that their vision was correct, that Gore was indeed elected president but that he was "robbed" by having the election "stolen" from him.
      Here's the facts: the president is NOT elected by your and my votes, in other words what we call the "popular vote." The president is and always has been elected by the majority of the Electoral College vote. There have been 3 other presidents in U.S. history besides Gore that won the popular vote but lost the election. Sadly most Americans have no clue as to how our electoral process actually works. Anyway...
      It doesn't count to say that your "prediction" was "correct," but that you were "robbed" by the election having been "stolen" from predictions have always been about who would actually wind up in the White House as President, and I have always been correct.
     The reprecussions from these 100% accurate predictions are sometimes strange: people with a political viewpoint that differs from the winning candidate's often act as if my accurate prediction is to blame for putting their opponent in the White House! (Geez...I wish I had that much psychic power!)
     And yes, I correctly predicted President Obama as well. That came about by first predicting a Democratic win; that was all the information that I was given psychically at the time, and then as it became clear that Obama was the Democratic nomination I confirmed my prediction that he would therefore become our next President.
     After Obama did indeed take the White House I immediately predicted that he would win re-election, 4 years before it happened, and November 7, 2012 sees that prediction as having been correctly fulfilled also. If you've visited my web site or heard me on radio anytime during the last 4 years you'll have known this to be true.
     If you've read my web site or heard me speak or had a reading with me you know that I frequently state that no psychic on the planet is 100% accurate. A psychic, such as myself, may have a 100% run of accuracy for awhile, such as with my presidential predictions, but that run will eventually break; I'm thinking about no longer making presidential predictions so that I may someday retire with at least one 100% streak of predictions intact! :)
      Well, actually, I am no longer just thinking about it. Here and now, November 7, 2012 I'm announcing that I will no longer make public presidential election predictions so that I may retire with an unbroken string of accurate predictions in this category.
      Call it vanity if you will...but having correctly predicted 10 presidents in a row, including correctly calling several re-elections correctly, is a milestone I'm proud of and I will leave it as a testament to the fact that the Other Side does indeed communicate with us and provide us with amazingly accurate information, years and years in advance.
      I will continue to provide other public predictions as I am lead to do so, such as the one below concerning our economy.

     In early 2003 I predicted our economic crisis: When it would hit, it's peak, it's duration, and it's aftermath. I remember with awe the exact words that the Other Side gave to me to sum all of the economic crisis up in a nutshell: "The wheels will fall off." And boy, did they! Now, it's a matter of record that I made this prediction...I stated it several times on the radio shows that I was on at the time; I told my clients during readings; I told friends and family members, etc. I've correctly predicted the timing of our very slow "recovery," which is not a recovery at all but rather a re-launch of the same hot air balloon that crashed before with some fresh bandages to cover up its holes. I tell you this not to brag on myself but so that you may see that my long-term predictions are accurate, and then you will be able to prepare yourself...I have more economic predictions.
     As I write this in 2010 it will be about another 2-3 years before real estate returns to where it really should be. The stock market will be dangerous to play in until about spring of 2011. We will make somewhat of an economic recovery and things will get back close to the "good old days" and then the bottom will fall out again, this time around 2018-2020. This crash may be even more severe but shorter in duration.
     To prepare yourself for this pay off as much debt as you possibly can between now and then; become debt-free if possible, even if you have to declare bankruptcy, work two jobs, etc. Save up as much cash as you can between now and then. Place yourself in a stable living situation so that you won't be in danger (again, or still) of losing your home and not having a place to live.
     When the economy really does begin to improve significantly don't take that as a sign that I am wrong and that happy days are here again; realize that the improvement of the economy will be realatively short-lived, and don't plunge yourself into debt (or more debt) by purchasing a new car, home, or any other large-ticket items. This is not the time to spend money on that grand vacation you've dreamed of. Use this time to get yourself out of debt and save as much money as possible.

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