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     I have over 38 years experience providing authentic psychic readings: I am a full time professional Psychic, Psychic Medium, Spirit Medium, Clairvoyant, and Tarot Master. It is not only how I make my living, but the discipline to which I have dedicated my entire life. I began providing psychic readings professionally in 1972! Since that time I have read for thousands of clients.
      I have gained credibility with my clients because of the accuracy of my predictions and the accuracy of my insights into their lives: past, present, and future.
      My clients worldwide tell me that my predictions for their futures come true with astonishing accuracy.
      I also provide my clients with helpful advice and guidance, and I give them useful tools to help them achieve their life goals. When you have a reading with me you won't be left in the dark not knowing which course of action you should pursue. My psychic guidance will provide you with a precise course of action to follow which will lead you in the best possible direction for your future well-being. This is possible because God, the Other Side, Universal Mind, whatever name you choose to assign to the Higher Power that guides us, can see much farther down our life's road than we can and provides that information to me in order to help you to make the best choices for your life both now and in the future.
      Because of the accuracy and honesty of my readings I have many clients who have chosen to remain with me for many years, with some of my clients having remained with me as repeat clients for as long as a decade or more!
      And, when you get a reading with me, you're going to be provided with a legitimate, authentic psychic reading! I never use computer-generated or software-generated psychic readings. I don't use any type of automated devices, or any other types of gimmicks in my readings, nor do I merely offer "by the book" interpretations of Tarot cards.
      You will get the benefit of my years of study, training, and expertise, which translates into an accurate and helpful reading for you!
      Why should you choose me over another psychic for your psychic reading? Because I have the honesty and integrity to tell you the truth and not what you want to hear: No overblown false predictions of fame and fortune and an easy life where all your dreams come true (no matter how outrageous or unrealistic they may be), but rather an honest psychic assessment of where you are in your life, how you came to be there, and the changes you need to make in order to make your future more desirable and more fulfilling, if you're willing to put in a little work on your part. Please click on the link below to read about my Credentials and Qualifications, then read the other pages of my site to learn even more about me, and finally, the 82 client testimonials that I present here are my highest and best recommendation!

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      I am internationally known; I have clients worldwide: so far I have given readings for clients in over 30 countries!
      And my psychic readings by phone are every bit as accurate as an in-person reading with me! It doesn't matter whether you're across the state or, as many of my clients are, clear around the world, because a true psychic gift isn't limited by time, space, or distance, so your reading with me over the phone is going to be every bit as good and every bit as accurate as if you were sitting right across from me!

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      History Channel TV Pilot: I shot a TV pilot for The History Channel where I psychically investigated mysteries of the past, specifically the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. The resulting show is still in development and has garnered interest from several major broadcast outlets.

Jim Mullen, Producer, Director, Writer, Editor

My Producer, Jim Mullen

      My Producer, Jim Mullen, said:

      "As a TV Producer, you have to be open minded about the unorthodox, while still retaining a healthy cynicism. After all, the last thing you want to do is pull one over on the viewer.
      "When I produced John's pilot for the History Channel, I walked into the scenario weighted toward the cynical side. But John, in his humble and understated way, blew away all expectations.
      "His insights into historical and current events (of which he had ABSOLUTELY NO knowledge of before being thrust into the situation) were nothing short of astounding. When you leave the country's foremost Lincoln scholars wanting for more, you know there's something big going on."

Interested in John for a Television or other Media project?
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      12 years on the radio: As of 2010 I have appeared on radio for 12 years total, and I have appeared on several different stations both weekly and monthly for 7 consecutive years!
      I typically appear on several popular radio stations monthly, and sometimes weekly, providing listeners with free mini-readings on the air. Further down the page is a listing of the radio stations on which I'm currently appearing with links to their websites, and my 'Media Appearances' link lists all of my media appearances since 1998.
      Click on the button below to see my current radio schedule.

      I have 82 client testimonials on my web site that I am proud to share with you! I have pulled a representative few from my Client Testimonials page and I present them here on my main page, Including author Martha C. Lawrence's and my TV Producer Jim Mullen's.
      There are links on this page to take you to all 82 should you desire to read all of them.
      Other testimonials from my clients include the fact that many times I have been favorably compared to Psychics John Edward, Sylvia Browne, and Harold their own clients for whom I have also provided psychic readings!
      Additionally, on my Media Testimonials page, I have 9 testimonials from my radio and TV appearances. From these many testimonials you'll see that I take my work very seriously, and you can judge for yourself both my accuracy and my honesty!

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      So that you may determine my professional and psychic credibility I have included links on this page that will provide you with my Professional Credentials, my Biography, my Clients' Testimonials, and more.
      Over the 35+ years that I have exercised my psychic gifts in service to others I have done everything in my power to hone my natural psychic talents and abilities so that they may reach their maximum potential, allowing me to provide you with a reading of absolute integrity, honesty, and accuracy.

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      I have had over 700 paranormal experiences! I have experienced over 700 paranormal events in my life, and many times these exciting manifestations have been witnessed by others, and on occasion these manifestations have been recorded or even filmed!
      Having experienced this enormous amount of paranormal and spiritual activity has given me a greater insight into the spiritual realm and how it interacts with us, and I endeavor to pass along these insights to you in your reading so that you may attain greater spiritual growth for yourself.
      And now you may also explore the Unknown with me and share in some of my psychic experiences by reading my Blog, "Vibrations From the Road!"

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      My clients continuously offer me feedback, both privately and publicly, that validates the accuracy of my readings and my predictions, including my long-range predictions. My clients continuously express to me that my readings have been accurate for them and helpful to them. I receive this feedback both in my private interactions with my clients and publicly as well, as many clients will call in on the air while I'm on the radio and publicly state that my insights and predictions have been accurate and helpful to them!
      Another hallmark of my services is that several people have expressed to me that when they are desiring the truth, and not just what they're hoping to hear, then I'm the person that they call---now I will be honored to be of service to you with a genuine, honest, authentic psychic reading!
John Russell, providing "Serious answers for serious questions."
Phone: (386) 586-7640


15 Minutes: $50     30 Minutes: $100     45 Minutes: $150     1 Hour: $200     1-1/2 Hours:$300
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I accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express                  I accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express                   I accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express                   I accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express

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PLEASE NOTE: -- There are no refunds on readings!

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John Russell's Clients talk about Their Psychic Readings:

Below these 6 testimonials is a link to all of the testimonials.

"A good psychic reading!"

Martha C. Lawrence
Ashes of Aries by Martha C. Lawrence, an Elizabeth Chase Mystery -- Martha highly recommends John's Psychic Readings!
      "A good psychic reader is hard to find, but I've found one...JOHN RUSSELL!
      "As a clairvoyant myself, I'm the world's biggest skeptic when it comes to practicing psychics. Too many of them are simply good b.s. artists.
     "JOHN RUSSELL is that rare person who has a genuine gift.
     "His reading included several very specific insights that turned out to be highly accurate.
     "A reading with John is more than just a look into the past, present and future--it's also a reassurance that there's a plan for your life, that you're not alone, and that the challenges you face can be embraced as learning experiences."

Martha C. Lawrence, California
Award winning, internationally known writer;
Publications Editor, The Ken Blanchard Companies

"Need A Guardian Angel?"

     "If you could use some tough love, clear truth, and wise counsel, consider having a reading with JOHN RUSSELL.
     "After hearing John's excellent presentation on 'SIGHTINGS ON THE RADIO,' I felt impelled to call him. I soon found out why. Without my saying anything much at all, John quickly identified a key issue in my life that needed intensive care.
     "His insights opened the door for some major healing, and the blessings from this continue to unfold.
     "I've studied and worked with some of the best psychologists in the country, and I can recommend John's work without qualification, and with highest praise and respect. As a spiritual counselor, John's gifts are unique. As a success coach, he has great skill in seeing stumbling blocks, and providing practical tools for continuing your own work. As a Guardian Angel, John brings an unusual array of disciplines together to provide light for your journey, and comfort for your soul.
     "What a joy to find someone who has such gifts, and who uses them with such grace."

A.J. Noble, California
Nationally published writer and venture development consultant

"John has a gift..."

     "I wanted to do this testimonial because I feel John has a gift that should be shared with people all over who need his insights to put them on the best path for their future.
     "The first time I called John, I really just wanted to talk to a psychic and see if it really works. What he told me within the first few minutes changed my life for the better forever.
     "He talked to me a little bit about my father which really got my attention, but the real kicker was when he told me I have a keen eye for portraits and I would be good in landscapes. You see, until then, I knew I was good but I didn't believe it. My art has been progressing ever since then.
     "The last time I called John, I thanked him for being so accurate in his prior reading and for saving me from some severe financial problems. This was just one of the many things that he has told me that has helped make my life better. He has given me the confidence to try things on my own and to trust my instincts. Because of his readings, I am opening a business for the first time and I have the confidence and the knowledge to make it happen.
     "He even told me to continue playing tennis but maybe not 5 times a week! I think my comment was how did you know I played tennis? I think he said that was why he was a psychic. I just know that he has been dead on with his readings to me, and I feel I have someone I can trust and that who cares about me as an individual.
     "You are a class act, John Russell.
     "Thanks, Jan."

Jan Vining, Alabama
Artist/Business owner

"But most of all, his predictions are undeniably accurate..."

     "When I first called John, I truly wasn't someone who had ever been convinced of the 'Psychic' energy that many people claimed to have. Although I believed that there were people with the gift, I never had met anyone who authentically had it.
     "I called John because I felt that he had the credentials from his website, but I was at first reluctant to believe anything that would be told to me (I have had readings before, but nothing that was ever told to me came into fruition).
     "From the start of our conversation I personally had a comfortable feeling from John. He is a normal person who does not boast of his abilities. He is straight forward and extremely honest during his readings.
     "But most of all, his predictions are undeniably accurate. From the readings I have had with John, all of what he predicted and felt has been 100% accurate! The timelines in which he places some of the events that have already taken place have been right on the mark.
     "I highly recommend John Russell to anyone who is seeking to find answers.
     "He is indeed the real thing."

Dustin Dichoso, Texas

"John's incredible gift gives you an insight to prepare for what really lies ahead..."

     "In the midst of a very frustrating and difficult time, a year and a half ago, I accidentally stumbled over John's web site and I decided to give it [a reading] a try. I was at the time a struggling IT entrepreneur and was in the midst of a crisis: losing my firm. From my first encounter with John, I was stunned by his ability to actually place himself in the midst of my ordeal - as if he had been involved from day one! I received from him the brutal facts and what the final outcome of the situation would be down to details I was too blind to realize. At the time this was not what I wanted to hear and this honest and direct portrait of my situation shocked me. In hindsight it turned out to be a real blessing: I was en route to 'no-where' and John helped me to come through the crisis with my dignity intact and the ability to pursue new opportunities.
     "John's incredible gift gives you an insight to prepare for what really lies ahead - may it be good or bad events coming your way - and very, very much to my numerous surprises, it turns out almost 100% accurate - every time! It is stunning and sometimes almost chilling to see how the roadmap unfolds itself - just as he predicts! I have since my first session with John on numerous accounts found myself completely blown away by his accurate input and I no longer try to figure out how this can be - I now accept that this is a god-sent source for those who are willing to seek answers! Thanks to John, I came through my ordeal wiser and less bruised as opposed to being taken by surprise. I have since then set sails for a completely new direction in my professional life and I have kept in regular touch with John and consulted with him in order to update my 'charts.' I have not only found the best 'pilot' to help me steer away from reefs and shark infested waters, but I�ve also found the most caring and wonderful friend you could think of! Armored with John's guidance, life's many challenges can better be dealt with for those who are fortunate enough to navigate as per his input. I am blessed to have the opportunity to tap into this incredible ability of his, which I hereby testify is genuine and caring. However, this is a source for those who are preparing for real life - not for someone seeking a sunshine cushion..."

E. O.,
Entrepreneur, Investor, Inventor

"...if [John] is talking to me, I should be listening carefully."

      "I've known John for about seventeen years. I have been his business associate and own some of his paintings, which are quite spiritual in their own fashion.
     "Never, however, until recently, did I think he could tell me things about objects that I owned, the history of which he had no knowledge. But he was able to do this, in a way that was not simply good guessing.
     "In one case he had a vision of a person and workplace that existed some twenty five years ago that was connected to a pocket knife which I serendipitously pulled out of my tool box. He told me some things that were very unsettling and which had been true at the time, most importantly about the relationship of two people at the workplace, one of which was my father and the other, a man I knew, and how they had had a falling-out over money. I had not thought about this in years and it astounded me that he would say this. Especially since I remained silent as he spoke about the knife and gave him no clue as to the accuracy of his remarks. I sat stolidly, as though playing a poker hand. But John had the straight flush and called, and I had to tell him he was on the mark.
     "On other matters and objects he has proved accurate. And when he can't say anything, he doesn't. Which is quite valuable in itself. For I know if he is talking to me, I should be listening carefully."

J.C., Texas
C.P.A., Investor, Author

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