Who could have imagined, via the medium of the Internet, that Love would blossom over wires thinner than strands of hair; that in Cyberspace, a place that doesn't even really exist, we would come to meet each other, and find in the other our SoulMate, the one person who would come to embody all our cherished hopes and dreams, representing the fulfillment of our lifetimes' searching for Love.

* * * *

      Who could have imagined on that Pumpkin Pie Thursday that we were setting the table for a lifetime of shared meals, shared dreams, shared sorrows, shared joys....

      Pumpkin Pie....

      What incredible memories food can revive....what nostalgia, what melancholy....and for you and me, an incredible repository of sharing in a manner so unique that I've never before experienced it with anyone else!

      Who could ever have imagined that the memories that food recalls could be such an occasion for shared feelings, moods, longings, and such sweet reminisce.

      Ah....and did I tell you what a wonderfully delightful turkey dinner you make? Every year it will renew pleasant memories, and evoke anticipation of happy times to come. Thank you.

      Lavender roses....

      Have you ever imagined you were a rose in a flower shop, and you were chosen to express the sentiments of love to someone?

      I wonder if roses ever shed tears as they see love wilt and fade away, dropping to the floor useless and forlorn just as their own petals eventually fade away, fall, and die.

      Imagine that you are a rose, and you've been chosen to express Marjorie's love for John....what color would you be? What would your aroma be? What would you say, if you could speak words of love to him, for her? Knowing that Life itself eventually fades away and dies, dropping as a rose petal to the floor of Earth, what would you say to John, from Marjorie, to make him aware that he and she must make the most of their life and love together, for tomorrow they fade away as the lovely petals of the rose....?