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Bump in the Night

by John Russell

© 1998-2004 by John Russell, all rights reserved.

Chapter One: A visit from an old black ghost

      There wasn’t any noise that woke me. I just woke up. I was suddenly wide-awake, my mind clear as a bell. I didn’t hear, or at first see, anything unusual. But, as I rose up on my elbows in my bed so that I could look around, I saw the old black man's face peering around one of the doorways down the hall! He was visible in the night light's glow as he gazed down the short hallway into my bedroom. He was looking at me! I was five years old, and I screamed bloody murder! My family was white and we didn't have anyone black living with us, so I assumed an intruder had entered our home!

      To add to my fright the old black man had by now ventured farther around the doorway and was standing in the hallway, having moved closer to me! He wore khaki pants, a plaid shirt, and black dress shoes. As I stared in disbelief and fear he maintained his steady gaze, his eyes never once leaving mine. My heart was racing and my mouth was dry!

      The old black man was not smiling. But neither was his look menacing. His close-cropped white hair gave him an almost regal appearance as he stared at me with a benign, slightly bemused expression as if he were intrigued by this strange white child who was living in what I now believe was his home…when he'd roamed this corner of the Earth in a physical body!

      By now I was sitting straight up in bed, the tears streaming down my face, and as I howled again he slowly vanished, beginning at his feet, and he slowly disappeared up the height of his body until he was all gone, his head and face vanishing last! That benign, slightly bemused expression never left his handsome face.

      As my parents came running, I began screaming at the top of my lungs that there was someone in the house (even though I’d just seen him disappear!), and I begged them to turn on the lights and look for the old black man. So powerful was the sense of reality and urgency I conveyed that they did indeed turn on every light in the house, and they looked through every room and in every closet. I think they even looked under the beds!

      Of course, they found no one, and therefore they insisted it had been a bad dream. A child's nightmare.

      I knew better.

      I had seen someone. Someone who was just as solid as you or I, someone who had subsequently vanished into thin air when I saw him and began to yell. And I finally realized what else I had just seen.

      I had seen my first ghost!

      It took me long hours to get back to sleep! I peered down the hallway (my parents had left the big hall light on for me) wondering when the ghost would come back, and what he would want with me? What would he say to me, what would he ask me? Would he want me to do something that I would consider frightening?

      I never saw him again, and I'm now 48. But I remember him as clearly as if the incident had happened this morning!

      He was the first of many ghosts I would come to see, the harbinger of the beginning of my paranormal life. Life lived at the edge of the veil, that veil which separates the worlds that we perceive as “physical” and “spiritual.”

      To that old black man, that old black ghost: I never knew your name, Sir, nor have I seen you since...but it is to you that I fondly dedicate this book.

      Thank you for opening the portal. It’s been one incredible journey for me, and as for you my friend, I hope you found your way. And please come see me again. I’ve missed you. And this time, I promise not to scream!

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      So began my paranormal awakening, a journey which has led me, some forty years later, to experience over 600 such distinct paranormal events! Most of these experiences have been on the physical plane, as opposed to those who dream, imagine, or envision experiences, and many times these have been witnessed by others! Such as the time I saw a UFO up close, in daylight, with at least 20 other witnesses present....

ATTENTION AGENTS AND PUBLISHERS! I am currently seeking representation/publication for Bump in the Night!

See what readers are saying about my book manuscript:

      "I sat down and read the whole thing in one sitting. Remarkable. The stories are notable for the quirkiness that's the hallmark of genuine paranormal phenomena. No sweeping generalities or vague stereotypes. The peculiarly personal details convince me your experiences are the real thing."

           Martha Lawrence ....Internationally-selling award-nominated author of the "Elizabeth Chase" Mystery Series: Ashes of Aries; Pisces Rising; Aquarius Descending; The Cold Heart of Capricorn; Murder in Scorpio (St. Martin's Press, New York).

* * * * * * * * * *

      "John Russell's writing is luminous, and a pleasure to read. Here is an unusually sensitive, lucid, and often playful intelligence at work. While many people have had strange and bizarre experiences in their lives, few that I know of have had such a continual parade of paranormal phenomena, and have had the discipline and skill to weave these experiences into a compelling life story. More than just a string of random anecdotes, John's spiritual autobiography is a heroic journey that truly walks between two worlds, and we feel cheered and inspired by his adventures with the Great Unknown."

           Alex Noble....nationally published writer and venture development consultant.

* * * * * * * * * *

      "Few have encountered the sheer number of strange, inexplicable events that have flourished in the landscape of John Russell's fascinating life. A natural psychic, John has experienced ongoing paranormal events as a regular diet since he was a child. This is an engaging, thought-provoking book that will entertain, fascinate, and sometimes chill the reader. Above it all, you get to feel that John Russell is one of the most decent, honest people on the planet, who is as amazed by these events as you will be. An outstanding read!"

           Jeff Rense personality; host, "Sightings on the Radio," syndicated nationally and heard worldwide on the Internet.

* * * * * * * * * *

      "I began reading this book with no small amount of excitement, and I was not disappointed! John will show you (as much as it is possible to understand in print) what it is like to live the life of a man who is surrounded by paranormal activity and who has come to terms with a gift that can be a curse at times.
      John's emotions are laid bare on these pages for all to feel and react to as they may. John's humor comes through and adds a lightness that doesn't downplay the importance of what he's trying to get across, and his serious moments radiate his love of life.
      As I read, I laughed, and cried, and came away with a better understanding of this man, myself, and the world that surrounds us all.
      The brightest of blessings to you, John."

           Kim Beall

* * * * * * * * * *

      "How is it that someone who is so gifted with the ability to see through the veil of the material world into the realm of the spirits can be so down to earth? That is John Russell and that is what you will discover as you read his book, 'Bump in the Night.' He is so real and comforting that even the most difficult to believe stories come alive. I am a believer in the paranormal. It is my shop that has been 'visited' since I've known John. His psychic abilities have impressed me but it is his compassion and realistic attitudes that have lulled me in. As you read this book, you too will be invited into John Russell's world. You will be amazed. You will shake your head in disbelief. You will laugh. Your heart may break....and you will surely come to know the man, John Russell."

           Marjorie Brinberg

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