Abstract Photograph: 'Run' by artist and photographer John Russell

© "Run"

      This is a photograph in my Motorcycles Series.

      I've been riding since I was around 15 years old, and on my current bike, the throttle and kill switch which is pictured here, I have almost 100,000 miles. We know each other pretty well, and we've had some amazing adventures together!

      Run is printed on a premium grade archival photo paper so that with care it will last for generations to come. In addition I use premium archival UV protective acrylic glass and acid-free foamcore backing. Your photograph comes complete, framed and ready to hang. The rectangular frame dimensions are approximately 20"x27".

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      I hope that owning this artwork will bring you much pleasure.


Matted and framed photograph
Approximate image size: 14"X21"
Approximate size framed: 20"X27"

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